First Official Entry

Welcome to my MT-managed blog. I have tried doing this weblog stuff in the past, and always lost interest, either because the maintenance was too much of a pain in the ass, or the software designed to maintain the site was too much of a pain in the ass.

I came across Movable Type a while ago, and finally got a decent enought chunk of time to set aside to install it. It's really a great piece of software, with an unbelievable base of user support. I hope to tweak my installation over the coming months and make this another useful node on the rich labrynth of weblogs out there.

  • Update (March, 2004): I have since changed weblogging software to Textpattern, which is even better than Movable Type for my needs.

  • Update (March, 2005): I have since changed weblogging software to WordPress v1.5. I'm fickle.

  • Update (March, 2006): Now using WP v2

  • Update (March, 2007): Now using WP v2.1; what's with March and upgrades for me?

  • Update (January, 2008): Now using WP 2.3

  • Update (April, 2014): Now using Ghost

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