<p>I think this is why I have a blog.  I want a place where I can tell the world about funny, interesting, or strange shit I find scattered around the internet.  It also provides an easy forum for my miscelaneous writings, where I can forgo the hassles of an editor.  Everything gets published, dammit. </p>

<p>Ever since I set up my blog with <a href="">Movable Type</a> , I have spent some time looking at some of the interesting blogs that others have created using this software, randomly picking links off the &#8220;recently updated&#8221; list on MT&#8217;s homepage.  I recently discovered <a href=""></a> , and have really been enjoying it a lot.  It&#8217;s also been a bit humbling, as I realize how infrequently I write, and how much funnier I could be.  Dooce is there.  And today I found a perfect <a href="">example</a> of why I love her writing .  Have yourself a lookie-loo. </p>


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lighting simulationist, crossfitter, former drinker.

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