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<p>I am worth <a href=";y=rpg%40rumblestrip%2Eorg">$2,142,470.00</a>; I am happy, because that&#8217;s a hell of a lot better than <a href="">Henry Hill</a> scored in the back of the restaurant while <a href="">Paulie Cicero</a> was frying some sausages in <a href="">&#8220;Goodfellas&#8221;</a>.  </p>

<p>What can I say?  A silly diversion on a Tuesday evening.  Go have a <a href="">look</a> for yourselves.  And do be a dear and post your net worth in the comments section of this post (and fellas, do be sporting and answer honestly about your equipment [though the test is biased, because it only inquires about length {and everyone knows it&#8217;s all about the width}]).</p>


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Rob Guglielmetti

lighting simulationist, crossfitter, former drinker.

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