It's Over

The most pathetic losing streak in all of sport is over. Finally. I'm sick and tired of hearing about it. To be honest, it's a bit of an anti-climax -- for this Yankee fan, anyhow.

Damon still has less brains than Paris Hilton -- and when you are as ugly as Damon is, that's not a good thing. Pedro is still a jerk, and Ramirez proved tonight that he is an idiot and slow around the bases to boot (and it pains me to see him collect the MVP trophy right now). [uh, Manny? What the hell does "you make your own destination" mean? You looking for the word destiny, perhaps, you stupid idiot?!?]

OK, I'm all done with the ad hominem attacks now. I feel better.

I suppose the best news of all is that Sox owner John Henry is so excited that he seems to have finally risen from the dead. There's something about those too-close-together, purple eye sockets that still freaks me out, but there's something about winning a world championship I guess, because he actually looks like a human tonight and not something that crawled out of a coffin and threw on something from the remainder racks at Today's Man.

OK, now I'm all done.

I only hope that tomorrow I wake up to find the city of Boston still standing, and not a smoking ruin. And of course next year, all bets are off. Go Yankees.


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