Good News & Bad News

The good news is I spent this past entire weekend with friends and family. The bad news is the goodbyes at the end of the days had a little more significance.

The good news is I saw my mother & my sister on Saturday. The bad news is they both cried when they left.

The good news is I spent my Sunday at Andover Aeroflex Airport. The bad news is I have no idea when I'm ever gonna get to spend another one there.

The good news is I flew my Cessna 150 yesterday. The bad news is it's not mine anymore.

The good news is I flew a Boeing Stearman yesterday, and landed it rather well four times. The bad news is I won't have easy access to that plane or that incredibly knowledgeable teacher and good friend that was in the front seat after next week -- and I can't do takeoffs in it for shit.

This move is a study in tradeoffs.

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