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Il Pompino

My new project. More later.

(I know, I know, I suck. Lame posting frequency, to be sure. But fear not, I do have things to talk about. I'm building a singlespeed bike (and my knees are already groaning about it). Brenda has once again left for NJ (I submit, as evidence, the pictures on this post of a bicycle frame in our living room and wrinkled shirts hanging from the dining room chair). My cat is involved in a taste testing of organic cat treats for a natural foods magazine. I've recently discovered I'm losing my hair. My TV is broken (new development, as of 8PM tonight!). I'm still aware of the problem with commenting on my site. I am in love with my local recycling center. As Kevin Costner said in "Bull Durham", I'm dealing with a lot of shit (but, thankfully, nothing that requires I cut the head off the head of a live rooster)).

In the meantime, feast on another picture of my new frameset:

Il Pompino