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Dualin' part Deux

The other day, I was gushing on this site about my newfound access to a dual processor linux machine. But now, after yesterday's announcement at Macworld, I have ordered one of the new Apple laptops, which will sport a dual core Intel cpu. Come February (hopefully), I'll have a personal computer that's about eight times faster than my current one, at a cost about $300 cheaper than the last Powerbook I bought four years ago. Unbelievable.

I know I'm in for some version 1.0 blues, as new hardware and software always have some "issues", but I'm looking forward to being able to run Radiance simulations on my lap, try out the new Tiger features ( I'm still on OS X 10.3) and generally just geek out. If they ever figure out how to get Windows running on these new Apple laptops too, I could finally blow up my Windows computer (I need Windows for MS Flight Simulator and AutoCAD -- note the order of importance). Interesting times ahead...