Web guru Jeffrey Zeldman had a fiasco installing OSX 10.2 this weekend. Glad I read the article. Apparently if you don't have OS9.2 installed, when classic runs everything goes to hell, possibly leaving you with a trashed OSX partition as well. Not good.

I don't remember the last time I loaded Classic, but I need to remember that this is a problem until I get the chance to sort this out. Not exactly sure how the hell I'm going to get me a 9.2 install disk either.

Zeldman complained about the Jaguar installer; he has a legitimate beef. When I installed the Jaguar upgrade, I has a less devestating snafu, but there was a snafu. I had Yellow Dog Linux installed on my G4, along with OS9 and OSX. YDL comes with a bootloader that allows easy triple-booting of all three OSs. The Jaguar installer failed to notice this, because it never asked me about it and blindly attempted to update the OS, and failed. It simply said the disk could not be updated. When I rebooted, I got the grey OSX.2 startup screen (uh oh), but then the install worked a treat. So, apparently OSX.2 is very closed-minded about things, assuming that there couldn't possibly be any other OS or boot loaders on your computer. I wasn't using YDL anymore, so it was a minor snafu for me. But if I was, that would have really, really sucked.

So, I have a happy installation of Jaguar, but a hidden partition that I'd like to get back someday, but I'm not messing with anything until after the Radiance Workshop this weekend.