<p>I went to a Pie-Off tonight.  Never been to one of those before.  Apparently, it&#8217;s Canadian.  Good excuse to have friends over, have a party, and then judge some pies.  Brenda was a judge.  I will have to locate the original application letter; she cited her status as a Libra (the scales of justice and all that) and the fact that she hails from Minnesota as bullet points in her list of reasons why she should be a judge.  </p>

<p>Pix to follow; I forgot my camera and so must wait until David gets his developed and scanned.  </p>

<p>Amy won (again), some graham cracker crust deal.  The three people who read this site know that I don&#8217;t eat pies.  So I observed the entire shebang with a beer in hand, and still found the entire thing amusing.  But there was some serious pie judging going on.  There were rules governing the presentation of the entries and there were even glasses of water for the judges, to cleanse palletes.  Very fun.</p>

<p>And Mike &#38; David have an un-freaking-believable home.  Beautiful.  Huge.  Old.  Pretty.  I was floored.  Congratulations, guys.</p>