<p>Just watched a commercial for <a href="http://www2.foxsearchlight.com/thebangersisters/index.html">&#8220;The Banger Sisters&#8221;</a>.  I mean I watched the entire thing.  Good Lord-a-Mighty, what in the hell happened to Goldie Hawn?  Clearly, she was experimenting with the joys of silicone years ago  (see <a href="http://us.imdb.com/Title?0116313">&#8220;First Wive&#8217;s Club</a>), but she seems to have reached a new level of tolerance for the magical levitating expanding goo.  It&#8217;s in her lips, her tits, and Kurt knows where else. </p>

<p>My god, how do these ex-stars look themselves in the mirror?  What exactly do they see?  Goldie&#8217;s still charming, but the shell around her is getting thicker and thicker and her acting skills were already being taxed to the limit in <a href="http://us.imdb.com/Title?0092214">&#8220;Wildcats&#8221;</a>.  Speaking of that flick, one only has to refer to the bath scene where her estranged husband walks in on her while she&#8217;s in a tub with not enough Mr. Bubbles working their magic to fully appreciate what is going on here&#8230;</p>