<p>After discovering a <a href="http://www.panic.com/~stevenf/mt/archives/000064.html#000064">coherent discussion</a> about the nature of blogging, I perused a bit more of the author&#8217;s site this evening.  </p>

<p>First off, this guy is a co-founder of Panic Software, so he&#8217;s gotta be alright.  I am loving <a href="http://www.panic.com/transmit/">Transmit</a>, their ftp client in development.  I hope the subdirectory bug gets squashed soon.  I&#8217;ll buy it then.</p>

<p>Anyhoo, Steve has another site called <a href="http://www.disturbingauctions.com">Disturbing Auctions</a> that is absolutely hysterical.  It&#8217;s a collection of, well, rather disturbing items for sale on eBay.  Go there now.  It&#8217;s great.  </p>

<p>Oddly enough, the <a href="http://www.disturbingauctions.com/view.php?item=23">&#8220;God Bless our Truckers&#8221; velvet masterpiece</a> received no bids.  I would have thrown ten bucks at that, for the humor value alone.  However, <a href="http://www.disturbingauctions.com/view.php?item=8">this</a> one deserved to die a silent death.</p>