<p>OK, so the Yankees are out of it.  Sure.  In a fit of needed diversion, I immediately latched on to the other series.  I was thrilled to see the Twins beat the A&#8217;s, and am looking forward to seeing the strange Metrodome ventilation tubes in the background of a playoff game once again, it will remind me of 1991, a glorious year when the Twins beat those annoying miscreants from Atlanta.  </p>

<p>Speaking of annoying miscreants from Atlanta, I am watching the Braves/Giants series right now and can&#8217;t help but feel a sense of nostalgia.  You see, 1991 is when I began my love affair with baseball, and it&#8217;s when I began my very healthy period of dislike and hatred for the Atlanta Braves.</p>

<p>Tonight, they actually showed the play where the spark was ignited, with Sid Bream limping his sorry ass home from second base to finish the Pirate&#8217;s hopes of a world series in &#8216;91.  You could see the damned knee brace through his uniform.  As the years went on, I watched this supposed baseball powerhouse show up in the post season, trash talking, yapping about how superior they were, only to see them win one World Series in an entire friggin&#8217; decade.  They LOST all the other years.  And every time, Bobby Cox has some sorry-ass excuse, or has a complaint about the officiating.  Let&#8217;s face it folks, Cox is a loser.  Turner&#8217;s a loser.  The whole lot of them, those mindless miscreants, blindly tomahawk-chopping, they know nothing of the winning ways.  At least, when it counts the most, in the post season.  </p>

<p>I am so happy to see Bonds do well tonight, and I hope he can carry the Giants to the playoffs&#8212;at the Braves&#8217; expense.  </p>

<p>Hello everyone; my name is Rob, and I hate the Atlanta Braves.</p>