<p>I am a commuter.  I commute.  I ride on the New Jersey Transit rail &#8220;system&#8221;, the Northeast Corridor line.  I use this expensive conveyance to deliver myself a mere 15 miles to Penn Station, New York, and it sucks ass.  </p>

<p>We recently moved from Hoboken NJ, spitting distance from New York City, to the suburbs.  The impending commute was always the underlying paper cut in the entire deal.  We both knew this was coming.  I thought it would be easier.  </p>

<p>I&#8217;ve been commuting from Metropark Station for the last couple of months, and this topic has been brewing since about day two.  I have seen some unbelievable shit, and been inconvenienced in ways I previously thought unimaginable.  The executive summary:  there are a lot of jerks riding the rails and the ticket takers are not much better.  The infrastructure of the NJT rail system is grossly overstressed, and it pushes equipment, staff and customers to the breaking point on a daily basis.  When I arrive at the office I have endured something, and I have yet to endure another &#8220;experience&#8221; before I can slump into my couch at the end of the day.  I feel this is wrong.  If I want this shit I&#8217;ll move to Tokyo and get shoved into train cars by professionals.  </p>

<p>Yesterday, both the inbound and outbound rides featured verbal confrontations between passenger and conductor.  While there are a few truly great conductors on the line, I think the whole lot of them need to ask themselves why there are signs in every train car explaining the fines and penalties for assaulting a conductor.  Many of these folks are rude and belligerent.  Listen folks, if you hate people, maybe you should have chosen a different career path (and may I recommend you avoid retail).   </p>

<p>We need more seats, we need nicer conductors, and we need better coffee.  The Dunkin Donuts at &#8220;Metro&#8221; is the only one on the planet that manages to turn out consistently bad coffee.  Someone at corporate HQ should be informed, because the two ladies that &#8220;work&#8221; at that one are ruining the reputation of one of the better java purveyors around.  </p>

<p>Enough complaining.  I&#8217;m going to bed.  But this serves as a good framework for future rants about past and future experiences on the rails.  G&#8217;nite.</p>