<p>I was race-walking down thirty-second street tonight, trying to make the 6:37 home.  As I approached Penn Station, I focused on the digital clock embedded in the concrete awning that theoretically serves as a useful indicator as to How You&#8217;re Doing, with respect to catching your train.  </p>

<p>It read 7:29.</p>

<p>Now, I know I&#8217;m not living in Switzerland, but you&#8217;d think that the clocks at the second largest train station in the largest goddamned city in the USA could get the friggin&#8217; clocks set correctly for Monday&#8217;s rush hour, following the whole complicated transition from EDT to EST.  </p>

<p>I wear a watch, obviously, but you know, it&#8217;s the principle of the thing.</p>