<p>A friend sent me the link to the &#8220;swtich&#8221; <a href="http://www.fandango.net/switch.mov" target="none">commercial parody</a> last week.  It portrays a guy complaining about his shitty experience going from OS9 to OSX.  It&#8217;s funny, but in a sad way, because the guy doing the complaining represents the voice of everything wrong with the Macintosh community.  </p>

<p>I was a mac head for years, defending the company and the platform for years even as my PC garnered more and more quality time from me, and ran more applications that I needed to run.  All the while I was getting tired of staring at the bomb icon.  A co-worker developed this odd habit of wiggling his mac&#8217;s mouse every time an intuitive time period elapsed between commands.  </p>

<p>Let&#8217;s face it folks, MacOS < X sucks, it always did.</p>

</p><p>My personal road back to the mac fold is a long story and I won&#8217;t share it here tonight, but it&#8217;s a good story.  Suffice to say, Mac OSX represents the greatest innovation to come from Apple in a long time.  Their hardware design has always been great, but their recent move toward industry standards such as USB and FireWire only solidifies their commitment to the idea that they have seen the light.  </p>

<p>OSX is awesome.  If you use software that does not run natively under OSX, you need to talk to your vendors.  Of course, there is most likely a better solution already running under OSX, as an open source UNIX application, that you can compile and run for a modest or non-existent fee.  </p>

<p>I went from Mac lover to Mac hater to Mac lover, over a period of 18 years, and it all has to do with this new OS called OSX.  </p>

<p>Folks, OSX is the greatest thing to happen to Apple, ever.  Get over your ease of use bullshit platform that you have been running on forever.  You are a computer user. They are complicated pieces of equipent.  Read a book or five, and you will be doing more with your Mac than you ever dreamed before.  And if you only use Photoshop/Quark/etc, things haven&#8217;t changed a whit, so really there&#8217;s no excuse for the complaints.</p>