<p>Last night, I was a witness to a rare event.  Last night, I saw quality theatre.  </p>

<p>&#8220;The Fourth Wall&#8221;, a new re-write of a play by A.R. Gurney, is in previews at <a href="http://www.primarystages.com/">Primary Stages</a> in Manhattan.  This is a remarkable piece of theatre.  This is what theatre is supposed to be all about.  Watching this play, you find yourself wishing you were involved in the production&#8212;and not in that Steve Stark, Councilman/Pharmacist (<a href="http://www.bikkit.com/bikkit/content/new_ppage.asp?MovID=12">Waiting for Guffman</a>) way either.  I mean, it makes you BELIEVE in theatre again.  It makes you want to write plays.  You want to be an actor, a writer, or, failing that, at least a regular theatergoer.  Most importantly though, the play makes you laugh.  It makes you laugh, to keep from crying over the underlying messages that are so skillfully expressed.  </p>

<p>Since I&#8217;m pretty sure all of my three readers live far from New York City, I can&#8217;t implore you to go to this play, but I just wanted to spit out these thoughts about my experience last night because it was just so damn refreshing to see theatre used as an instrument of dissent again.  </p>

<p>A traditional review, where the plot is discussed and star names are dropped, I leave to the other more skilled practicioners.  Suffice to say, there is a plot (in fact the very topic of plot is a humorous feature in this play), and there are stars.  And they all do a superb job of acting.  </p>

<p>But the real star of this show is A.R. Gurney, for applying theatre as a tool to achieve a lot more than entertainment.  Indeed, perhaps the true star of this show is theatre itself.  And that, folks, is something to be excited about.</p>