<p>I&#8217;m experiencing major problems with my web host.  In fact, if you sent me email yesterday afternoon, you&#8217;d better resend it because I never got it.  I&#8217;m working on changing hosts, and when it&#8217;s complete I&#8217;ll let you know&#8230;.</p>

<p>(Jan 17 2003 update:  See?  I&#8217;m lazy.  I knew Sevaa.com sucked back in November, and didn&#8217;t do anything about it, until I was forced to in January when they couldn&#8217;t replace a disk controller without trashing everything and waiting until that time to tell their paying customers that they don&#8217;t do backups.  Let that be a lesson to you kids; back up your stuff, and don&#8217;t use Sevaa.com for your hosting needs, and you&#8217;ll do fine.  To their credit, the folks at Sevaa are trying, but in my opinion they are too incompetent to trust with my site hosting.  You get what you pay for, your mileage may vary, etc, etc, have a nice day.)</p>