<p>I am not a yuppie.  Again, I am not a yuppie.  But I sure looked like one on Saturday.  Saturday my wife &#38; I managed to stuff six new dining room chairs, a medium-sized dining room table, a light fixture, a large shelving unit, some window dressings (rag-linen roman blind-type thingys), and a cheese grater into our car.  The car is a VW Golf.  The furniture was all from Ikea.  I was wearing a fleece jacket and a baseball cap emblazoned with a computer software company&#8217;s logo on the front (and the website on the back).  </p>

<p>Do not judge me.  It sounds worse than it really is.  We just needed some cheap chairs for Thanksgiving.  It was actually a fun problem to have.  Having recently moved from the city, we are not used to having room for eight people to even stand, much less to sit.  As for the baseball cap, well, I needed a new one because my University of Florida (no, I didn&#8217;t go there) hat has taken on a permanent old sock funk. I decided I&#8217;m tired of lining the pockets of these greedy baseball owners &#38; players, so I thought I&#8217;d line the pockets of a bunch of software developers instead.</p>