<p>Yesterday I got cut off by a guy coming out of the 34th Street subway exit.  He was all dressed up in the tough-guy threads of a gang banger&#8212;baggy jeans, big Timberland boots, do-rag.  He&#8217;d be intimidating, but I just got off the 8:13 express from Metropark and had enough attitude to take over the big meet in the Bronx in &#8220;The Warriors&#8221;.  Besides, the dude was carrying a bright red Lord &#38; Taylor&#8217;s bag that was loaded with neatly folded purple towels for some reason.  He might have been packing heat, but he was also packing terricloth .  I stepped on his heels, he shot me a look, but my look said &#8220;dude, please; you&#8217;re carrying towels&#8221;.  He understood, faced forward and started hoofing it east on 32nd Street. </p>

<p>Score one for Rob. </p>