<p>Brief summary, as this is a work in progress:</p>

<p>August 2002 &#8211; Rob gets a domain name &#38; host.<br />

September 2002 – Rob launches rumblestrip, a weblog.

October 2002 – Rob realizes his host is not reliable, vows to find new one “right away”.

November 2002 – Rob experiences another multi-day email outage with same webhost, vows once again to find new host “right away”. It is about this time that he makes a backup of the weblog content (foreshadowing).

December 2002 – Rob posts a few things to the weblog, thinking all the while that he really needs to follow up on finding a new host.

Early January 2003 – Rob’s domain host screws up the swapping of a faulty disk controller, trashing the hard drive and losing all their customer info, thus finally sparking Rob into action to find a new host.

Mid January 2003 – Rob declares “this is good, it gives me a chance to totally redo my site”.

January 19, 2003 – Rob installs Movable Type from scratch, manually plugs his old weblog posts into the new database, and uses a default stylesheet after realizing that redoing the whole site is a herculean task and he wants to be writing again sooner than later.

<p>So there you have it.  The comments are gone.  My posts from December and early January are gone.  The static pages are gone for now.  I am working on making a better site, but I can&#8217;t do it all in one weekend because I really don&#8217;t know what the hell I&#8217;m doing.  So, in lieu of some glitzy overnight version 2.0 redesign relaunch, replete with showgirls and fancy lighting, you get it in stages.  For those of you who posted comments in the past, I encourage you to keep doing it into the future.  I really appreciate the comments; they show me that people are visiting!  Time permitting, I will try and fold your old comments back into the site (I still have them, through November).  But first I&#8217;d like to get the rest of the static pages online and tweak the formatting a bit.  I also promise to be more diligent in backing up the system.  I swear.  </p>

<p>Boy, it feels good to be back.</p>