<p>While my site was down, some things happenned.</p>

<p>Firstly:<br />

Merry Christmas.

Happy New Year.

<p>OK, onward:</p>

<p><H3>MacEnvy</H3><br />

Apple’s new PowerBooks. Now I remember that sick feeling I used to get when I’d buy Apple hardware and then a day later they’d raise the bar, offering twice the machine for half the dough. Well, I’ve had my PowerBook for a year now, and it still smarts to see the new ones. Aluminum cases. Yes, thank you. My case edge has succumbed to the oily-hand corrosion deal, and it looks like it has a case of acne. 12” size. Yes, thank you. I wanted a G4 in the iBook’s case. You’ve done one better, by putting a G4 in an aluminum iBook case. Oh and the usual quadrupling of Video RAM, etc etc.

<p>Ahhh, screw it.  I still love my pock-marked powerbook.</p>

<p><H3>Ticketstubs</H3><br />

Matt Haughey launched a new site, devoted to celebrating the detritus of concerts & sports events. You scan a stub, you write a story, you send it in. Very cool. Here’s my story.