<p>No, I&#8217;m not talking about a strip of tarmac that 1,000 Screaming Eagles siezed in northern Iraq, I&#8217;m talking about a very dubious commando-style raid on a Chicago landmark and vital airport, Meigs Field.  Sunday evening, under cover of darkness, several large bulldozers went to work tearing up the single runway at Meigs, flying in the face of a promise, and common sense.  </p>

<p>Mayor Daley has had Meigs in his crosshairs for years, presumably wanting that prime lakefront property to be put to more lucrative (for him) use.  But the airport was supposed to remain open through 2026, following a 1991 agreement between Daley and Illinois Governor Ryan.  Daley seems to have forgotten all about that.</p>

<p>That the Mayor of a major metropolitain city could simply choose to dishonor his own agreements is, well, actually it&#8217;s not all that surprising.  But to dismantle an ACTIVE, OPEN runway in the middle of the night is deplorable.</p>

<p>As the default starting point for flights in Microsoft&#8217;s Flight Simulator product, thousands of pilots&#8212;real and virtual&#8212;have experienced the Chicago skyline aerial tour, and many of us hold Meigs near and dear to our hearts.  I got to experience it for real in 2001, and I&#8217;m certainly glad I got that flight in before this mess. </p>

<p>What Daley has done is illegal, and I can only hope that the state steps in, perhaps with the help of <a href="http://www.aopa.org">AOPA</a> and the <a href="http://www.faa.gov">FAA</a>, to right this wrong.  Have a look <a href="http://www.meigsaction.net/">here</a> for more info.</p>

<p>Daley, you&#8217;re a schmuck.</p>