God damned reactionary assholes they are, is what. Read this piece of shit, then read my feeble response, below. Then vow to do nothing but wipe your arse with the not-worthy scraps of shit pressed out by these ass munchers. (Sorry, I have been watching Eddie Izzard lately—and we are planning a UK getaway, so forgive my Ricky Gervais-ian ramblings, right?; Yeah, OK, right, super…)

Dear Ass Munching Wanker (see above; not actually in said letter),

Your recent editorial (”’Terror’ from small planes”) included no easy means of posting a rebuttal. For such an inflammatory piece, you should have included an easy means of postng a counterpoint.

Beginning with the “so-called” title of the piece, and descending into the depths of a sad example of “so-called” editorial writing, I find this highly objectionable piece, well, a piece.

Where is your research? Do you not know that single and multi-engine light aircraft pose little to no threat to citizens? I urge you to review the sad event that transpired in Oklahoma City; the horrifying reality is that awful destruction can be delivered to America’s doorstep by a man in a rented truck loaded with fertilizer. Please show us a similar horrifying event brought about by anyone using general aviation (not ‘so-called’; that’s what it’s called). Mayor Daley broke the law doing what he did in Chicago, and continues to get caught in his own lies regarding this matter and his motives. Are you seriously aligning yourselves with this man?

The restrictions placed on airports in the NYC and Washington D.C. areas after 9/11 and again recently (which, by the way, have been largely repealed) are draconian, knee-jerk, feel-good propaganda moves that do absolutely nothing to increase safety in these areas (one of which I happen to live and work in). It is not dangerous to have general aviation operating in big cities. It is sensible, obvious and economically beneficial.

My god, it’s scary that any retard with a word processor (to be pronounced PRO-cess-oar from now on, right?) can hammer out such drivel. Sure, it’s similar to the drivel I hammer out, but this moron can actually influence public opinion in a city filled with tweed sportcoats and missionary-position conservatives. It’s important, people, to understand that small planes pose no real danger to the public at large. That zit-faced, Accutane-addled kid who offed himself in Florida flew his “dangerous general aviation plane” into a fucking building, and all he did was break a window and stain a carpet. It’s frustrating to see general aviation villified in the press, like some kind of weapons of mass destruction cache – which, by the way, has yet to be found in Eye-rack.

Sorry, my cynicism is at an all time high folks, and fuck-all can be done about that, mates.