<p>(If you can&#8217;t take a joke, hit the back button now, OK?)</p>

<p>Uhm, this was so weird I just had to share.  Maybe the guy I&#8217;m talking about will read this and score a helpful tip.</p>

<p>Tonight, on the train home from work, a Jewish man boarded the train.  This in itself is not unusual.  However, this man had jet black hair, and was sporting a black yarmulke as well (again, not unusual).  Problem is, his bald spot was about a half inch larger in diameter than his yarmulke.  The 1/4&#8221; ring of white skin exposed by the undersized yarmulke stood out in bold relief between hair and head cover.  It looked like the flare around the moon during a total solar eclipse.  For all intents and purposes, I witnessed a cranial eclipse this evening.</p>

<p>Not a comment on religious mores, mind you.  Practice whatever you want.  Personally I&#8217;m an agnostic who began a slow crawl towards atheism following 9/11/01, but I&#8217;m all for religious freedoms.  But for crying out loud, if you&#8217;re gonna practice, do it in a fashionable manner!  Do yourself a favor and scale it up one size, bubbie.</p>