<p>mythTV, that is.  Have you heard about this?  This little <a href="http://www.mythtv.org">nugget</a> was the first of hopefully many discoveries I made today, after visiting my <a href="http://www.joestump.net">new best friend&#8217;s website</a>.</p>

<p>MythTV is an Open Source project that is trying to be all the things TiVo is, and more.  I browsed the site a bit, and now I&#8217;m convinced that I must try building myself a mythTV box.  Just think, for twice as much money as a TiVo, and countless hours installing and configuring Linux and the gazillion dependencies it needs for this to work, I&#8217;ll have a &#8220;free&#8221; TiVo!  Isn&#8217;t that what geeks do?  </p>

<p>But seriously, if I were to upgrade my PC anytime soon, my current PC could be pressed into service as a mythTV personal video recorder with minimal hardware purchases.  I&#8217;d just need a video capture card and a massive hard drive to store all the Gilligan&#8217;s Island reruns I&#8217;m sure to record.  </p>

<p>But mythTV is much more than just editing commercials from episodes of &#8220;The Jeffersons&#8221;, because you can also get weather reports on screen, surf the internet, rip &#38; play MP3s, view image slideshows and even play older playstation-type games (via emulation)!  Honestly, I see no reason to leave the house once I get this all set up (which could be a month from now, or quite possibly several years from now).</p>

<p>Do have a look around at the website.  It&#8217;s an ambitious project, and I for one am intrigued by it. </p>