<p>This morning, Brenda &#38; I were taking in the 360 degree view of London afforded to one who climbs the 580 steps of Saint Paul&#8217;s Cathedral to the observatory.  Tonight, I am typing this from my favorite chair in my house, while Emma The Cat is perched on the arm, inches away, purring.  (Amazingly, she just jumped down and headed for the basement; apparently she&#8217;s already over our arrival.  Cats are so damn cool.)</p>

<p>Our return to the U.K. was bittersweet; we found a new city that we want to live in (Bath), but London lost some of the luster it previously enjoyed in our eyes.  </p>

<p>But it&#8217;s all too complicated to deal with right now.  I hope to finally get my picture gallery going soon, so I can include some snaps from this recent trip.  Suffice to say, it was everything a vacation should be.  We expanded our minds.  We saw new stuff.  We learned things.  We saw <a href="http://www.nt-online.org/?lid=3124">theatre</a> that made me believe in the medium again. </p>

<p>But now I have 1,000 emails to wade through, and even though my watch says it&#8217;s a quarter to eleven, my body thinks it&#8217;s 3:45 AM.  Yawn.  Ooh, my ears just popped.  &#8216;nite.</p>