You believe this shit? I’m just about speechless.

Wake up, people. The people in charge of the USA are running their own program, and it ain’t a real smart one. I find it ironic that that half-wit who shamelessly sings that piece of shit “Have You Forgotten” is perpetuating the blind, mindless acceptance of this nation’s atrocious foreign policy. It appears that that hayseed/lecturer—and millions of others in this country—has forgotten what the casus belli of this clusterfuck was, or at least what was sold to us back in March…

Have You Forgotten

(sung to the tune “Have You Forgotten”)

Well now I must be a communist

‘cause I have a problem with what went down

I feel like we’ve been duped

by a bunch of rodeo clowns

<p>(chorus)<br />

Have you forgotten,

Powell’s speech at the U.N.,

oh that’s right, I forgot,

you’ve never heard of CNN

<p>Well he showed us scary pictures,<br />

weapons of mass dee-struction,

Saddam was getting ready,

we gotta drop bombs by the ton!

<p>Well we kicked some major ass over there,<br />

yeah, Eyerack is finally “free”,

thank God (oops) Allah (nahh, God!) for the mighty USA,

Now let’s all go buy SUVs!!!!!

<p>(chorus)<br />

Have you forgotten,

they lied to us all

we stole Iraq and used 9/11

to make it a victory at the polls

<p>Have you forgotten?<br />

Have you forgotten?

yeah, yeah, ...


<p>P.S. Donny (Rumsfeld): a prism splits light into its component parts.  Prisms aren&#8217;t really that good at making things clear.  Lenses do that.  So your quote just makes this whole circus even more hysterical, until you realize how sad and pathetic it all is.  </p>