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Ways to tell that you are a dork

  • you know the exact day that Microsoft’s new Flight Simulator 2004 is due on store shelves
  • you actually go to CompUSA on your lunch break to purchase said program, precicely on that day
  • you inform the CompUSA staff that today is the day it’s due out, after not seeing any copies on the shelf
  • you dutifully wait by the “staff only” door with nervous anticipation waiting to see if the staff member returns from the stockroom with a fresh copy
  • you purchase the very first copy of MSFS2K4 from the new shipment at the 36th Street CompUSA
  • you call Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 “MSFS2K4”
  • you install MSFS2K4 on your computer at work because you can’t wait to see it running
  • you write about these dorkish traits and post them on your website, while MSFS2K4 is installing & while eating an entire sandwich in about three bites
Ways to tell that you are a dork
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