<p>About six weeks ago I flew this, a North American T6 &#8220;Texan&#8221; (actually, it was the Navy version, the SNJ.):</p>

<p><img src="http://www.rumblestrip.org/site-img/inflight1.jpg" alt="T6 flight" width="100%"></p>

<p>I had so much fun, I wrote about it.  Well, it turns out the good people at <a href="http://www.avweb.com">AVweb</a> would like to publish my scribblings, and they needed some photos to accompany the article.  So, today I met my friends John and Matt at the airport for a little air-to-air photo session.  The snap above is one of the products of today&#8217;s efforts; here are a couple more:</p>
swift arrival break sunset with smoke
<p>Flying this thing was a highlight of my feeble aviation experience.  Photographing it today was a whole new experience.  Wow.  </p>