Two weeks from today, I’m going to Berkeley, CA to attend the Second Annual Radiance Workshop”, where people from around the planet will convene for tutorials on using Radiance, and to share their experiences with the software. If you are into simulating light, then you are into Radiance (or you should be). So, gathering with some of the best Radiance minds in the world for a week will be educational, and tons of fun. I’m looking forward to it.

Last year, the workshop was, for me, more of a kick in the ass to learn Radiance once and for all after struggling & dabbling with it in fits and starts for the last several years. And indeed, over the last year I have learned so much about Radiance that I now use it in my job, and it has become indispensable. But many gaps remain in my understanding of this complicated pile of code. So, it’s iff to Berkeley I go.

I’m set to give a brief talk at the end of the week about my experience in getting up to speed on Radiance over the last year or so, which should be amusing if you are a Radiance Geek.

This is my first time to the bay area, so I plan to spend one full day in San Francisco before heading home. Besides visiting the S.F. MOMA, I’m open to suggestions on what else to see/do.