About nine months ago, my old web host (who, by the way, I heartily recommend you stay away from) crashed and burned when they destroyed their server (yes, as in the singular) doing a disk upgrade. I hastily moved to a new web host, and have been quite happy. In my haste, I simply got the blog back up and said I’d get all the static content back online “soon”.

Soon, in this case, meant nine months apparently.

I have finally gotten around to reformatting the old static content from my old website and added a menu (in the upper right there, see it?) to access it. I haven’t had time to tweak the style sheets and all, so it looks a bit rough around the edges, but it should all be accessible now. Someday, I will completely redo this site and make it 100% CSS & XHTML compliant. Since “soon” means nine months in Robspeak, “Someday” is sure to be long into the future indeed.

Anyhoo, the main reason I did this was because I had set a goal of having my 9-11/WTC story back online before the second anniversary. Go read (or re-read) it now, and maybe you will understand why I’m still chasing this vision from my head, two years after the event. I can’t imagine what it must be like for the survivors of the victims, and for the people who were in the towers or near ground zero and survived. Two years later, I’m no closer to understanding what in the hell happened down there two years ago.

I haven’t paid much attention to the media lately, so I’m not sure what commercial extravaganzas cloaked in patriotism the networks have lined up for us this week, but I think I’ll take a pass like I did last year. I don’t need Robert DeNiro to narrate footage of 9/11 for me. I see it in my head nearly every day.

Nearly two years after the attacks, I am saddenned to see that nothing has changed. Donald Rumsfeld used this horrible act to sway public opinion in favor of invading a country that had nothing to do with 9/11, and everyone just strikes up the band and rallies around the flag in support of the hijacking of a nation. I guess I need to remind you that not a gram of WMD has been recovered in Iraq, STILL.

In the immediate aftermath of the attacks, this nation and her allies banded together in an unbelievable outpouring of emotion and courtesy. On the streets of NYC, you could definitely sense that people were in full-on “do unto others…” mode. But our nation’s behavior in the months after the attacks is disgraceful, and it makes me sad.

My disgust with the current leadership aside, I want to remind everyone that this Thursday is a very sad reminder of what happened two years ago. Do take a few moments to reflect.