Tonight, Brenda & I (and Hugh & Patty & Chris) all went to see Eddie Izzard perform at City Center. It’s interesting, because I now realize that blogs are invading my life. I came late to the party, only discovering Eddie Izzard’s comic genius after reading about him in several blogs I frequent. When you read a funny guy’s writings for a while, and then you see him giving mad props to someone else, you go and find out about this someone else. The someone else in this case was Eddie Izzard.

After hearing a lot of good things, I bought this DVD, and proceeded to laugh my ass off, twice. Three times. All the good stuff about him has been said before, and I have to go to sleep for chrissakes, so do your own damned research. By the way, he’s a transvestite, and does his show in drag. Thing is, when he’s not actually talking about being a transvestite, you don’t really notice he’s wearing a dress. He’s so engaging and funny it becomes a non-issue, and that, my friends, is great, and probably half the point.

Oh yeah, about the show. Well, here’s the thing. Eddie Izzard is a masterful improvisational artist. Improv is unpredictable, though. As I understand it, Eddie is constantly riffing in his shows, really just improving from one loosely defined topic to the next. So tonight’s show, while entertaining, was not the same stuff I saw in his DVD show (a 1999 performance in San Francisco that was taped for an HBO special). I got the feeling he was fleshing out some new material, and it was light on the brilliant history comedy he’s so good at. But he’s still the first comedian to come down the pike who actually spurred me to buy a ticket and see a live show. And I’d do it again.