Some of you may have gotten an email from a very concerned person at some website testing company today, issuing you a very concerned message that some links at were temporarily unavailable. Of course, this wonderful person offered her services—for a small monthly fee—to monitor my site and let you know if any links become unavailable.

Why would you care? EXACTLY. Clearly, these assholes harvested all the email addresses from my website (and if you posted a comment and left your email address, it probably got snagged), and sent this idiotic plea for customers to all of you. It’s a classic example of the shotgun approach these spammers use in a weak attempt to snare more customers. I got one, and immediately deleted it, thinking nothing more about the event. But when my sister sent me a copy of the same email that SHE got, I was really pissed off. Another friend of mine sent me a copy too, and so I can only assume that many of you have received this stupid email. Sorry.

All I can say is, do NOT reply to the lame “if you don’t want to receive these emails any more click here” ploy. All that does is validate your email address for the scum sucking spammers. Delete the email, and hopefully you won’t be subjected to any more. And if you choose to use bogus email addresses when you comment on my site, I’ll totally understand.