<p>Several people have emailed me and expressed surprise that I have not had anything to say about The Yankees-Red Sox series.  Truth is, I&#8217;m having a ball.  I posted a brief blurb about how much fun this series was, and then I accidentally deleted it while culling some moronic attempts by a porn site spammer to fill the comments with links to some hot asian bisexual midget bestiality necrophilia voyeurs website.  Oops.</p>

<p>Honestly, the whole debacle with Zimmer and that hooded asshole Pedro Martinez was rather upsetting.  I mean, if Zim came after me, attacking (as he was), I&#8217;d have defended myself too.  But I&#8217;d like to think that I wouldn&#8217;t have been so violent about it.  OK, OK, Pedro&#8217;s all fired up, maybe the adrenaline got to him.  But wouldn&#8217;t you have felt absolutely awful immediately after you flung a 72 year old man to the ground?  He didn&#8217;t, and that&#8217;s what makes him an asshole.  But let&#8217;s back up a sec.  This wouldn&#8217;t have happened if Manny Ramirez wasn&#8217;t a total wuss.  That pitch wasn&#8217;t anywhere near his head, but then again you can&#8217;t really fault Manny for missing that fact, since he was ducking before the pitch was halfway to the plate.  </p>

<p>Whenever I get started on this topic, I get way too emotional.  Maybe it&#8217;s best if I just refer you to a great <a href="http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/playoffs2003/columns/story?columnist=klapisch_bob&#38;id=1637695">story</a> that appeared on ESPN.com today, featuring a couple guys from the Bronx Zoo that speak candidly about what a bunch of pussies the Red Sox are.  Of course, they are unable to call them pussies in the article, but Graig &#38; Goose are welcome to do an interview for rumblestrip anytime, where the editing standards are (obviously) far lower.  No holds barred.</p>

<p>Go Yankees!</p>