<p><a href="http://www.movabletype.org/">Movable Type</a> is the name of the wonderful software that generates most of the pages on my website.  It is infinitely flexible and I have been meaning to experiment with it some more.  Afraid to try anything drastic with my live site, I installed MT on my Powerbook several months ago and promptly forgot all about this project, distracted by one of the eight hundred other &#8220;projects&#8221; I have going at any given time. </p>

<p>Anyway, it was a royal pain to get everything installed and happy.  Since I did a clean install of OS X 10.3 (Panther) recently, I thought it was a good time to return to this project.  Things have gotten easier, since Panther now includes <a href="http://www.php.net/">php</a> and an updated version of <a href="http://www.perl.com/">Perl</a> right outta the box, but a few other thingys are still required, including <a href="http://www.mysql.com/">MySQL</a>.</p>

<p>So, here are a few links that hopefully will guide you to the sites you need to visit as you feverishly try to get that beloved Movable Type login screen to welcome you on your Mac.</p>

<p>First, you gotta get MySQL.  <a href="http://www.entropy.ch/">Marc Linyage</a> no longer maintains his own installer for this, because the folks at MySQL are managing OS X binaries just fine now, thank you very much.  But Marc still has a very nice summary of how to get it and how to install it, so start <a href="http://www.entropy.ch/software/macosx/mysql/">there</a>.  (Note how I assume you already have the Movable Type installer&#8230;)</p>

<p>Next, grab <a href="http://search.cpan.org/~timb/DBI/">DBI</a>, and compile it.  Drop into the source directory and do:</p>

<p>perl Makefile.PL<br />


make test

sudo make install

<p>Then remove the source directory.</p>

<p>Next, grab <a href="http://search.cpan.org/~rudy/DBD-mysql-2.9003/">DBD::mysql</a> and do:</p>

<p>perl Makefile.pl&#8212;testdb=test&#8212;testuser=root&#8212;testhost=localhost<br />

perl -pi -e’s/MACOSX/env MACOSX/’ Makefile (very important!)

sudo make install

<p>Now you should have everything MT wants to install.  If you&#8217;d also like to install the (notoriously difficult to compile) <a href="http://www.imagemagick.org/">Imagemagick</a> suite, Marc Linyage comes to the rescue again with a <a href="http://www.entropy.ch/software/macosx/welcome.html#imagemagick">Panther installer</a>!  Grab it, double click it, done.</p>

<p>Now your mt-check.cgi should barf back pleasant things.  </p>

<p>Thanks to <a href="http://www.entropy.ch/">Marc Linyage</a>, and the guys at <a href="http://www.kirksamuelson.com/webdev/archives/000015.html">these</a> <a href="http://caseywest.com/journal/archives/000510.html">sites</a> for supplying bits of the puzzle, and of course thanks to <a href="http://www.sixapart.com/">Ben &#38; Mena</a> for <a href="http://www.movabletype.org/">Movable Type</a>!</p>