<p>Today, channel eleven is running the first-ever Odd Couple marathon.  It started at noon, and goes till ten tonight.  Odd Couple, Odd Couple, Odd Couple.  Ten hours; twenty episodes.  The bulk of the series (extra credit for those of you who get that reference [hint: it involves a bowler]).</p>

<p>The Odd Couple.  Without a doubt, one of my all-time favorite sitcoms.  As I travel through life I find fewer and fewer fans of The Couple. Strange. But I always loved this show.  Growing up in the New York City area, I lived on a steady diet of Felix and Oscar on WPIX Channel eleven (Eleven Alive).  Not only was the show filled with great comedy before big tits equalled quality writing,  but the backdrop of the Odd Couple was the New York City I grew up with.  Everything from the taxicabs and busses to the hot dog carts and the street signs bring back memories of my youth.  </p>

<p>In 1979 I was eleven years old and used to ride into The City with my Best Friend Michael Campagnolo and his mom and two brothers because his Grandmother happened to live a couple of blocks away from my Grandparents in the Parkchester section of the Bronx.  The curves of the brickwork, the black smoke from the busses, the Baskin-Robins with the Pink Bubblegum ice cream; these were all viewed after a ride in the van with the moon-shaped tinted bubble window on the metallic green van that we rode along the Cross Bronx Expressway every Wednesday.  The styles of the seventies are etched in my brain, and somehow The Odd Couple brings me back to that New York, every time I watch it.  </p>

<p>For some reason The Odd Couple has not enjoyed the syndication payola that many of the other sitcoms have enjoyed, and I find it especially odd here in the New York City area.  I have happily created a New Year&#8217;s habit of watching the Honeymooner&#8217;s Marathon that Channel Eleven runs every year at midnight on New Year&#8217;s.  But The Odd Couple remains a distant second cousin.  Well, I&#8217;m here to say that The Odd Couple for me is a vast pile of great memories, both visual and verbal.  </p>

<p>They already ran the one when they were on Password and the one when they won the car (starring John Byner as the garage attendant). Frankly, I can&#8217;t believe I&#8217;m still watching, but then again I still haven&#8217;t seen the one when they do the flashback to the 20s&#8217; &#8220;Blinky Madison&#8221;, or the one when Felix&#8217;s bird dies and Oscar is forced to hold a ceremony for Sol his pet fly.</p>

<p>Guess I&#8217;ll keep watching&#8230;</p>