Well, I’m pissed off. A slow burn that started a couple weeks ago when I broke my laptop’s webserver after following a certain website’s “supported” directions for compiling GD support into my Apache installation, has developed into a bleeding ulcer after said website’s webmaster (and ALL of my MANY computer guru friends) have been unable to cleanse my system of the turds brought about by following these bogus motherfucking instructions.

The thing that really pisses me off is that I recently did a “clean install” of OS X, figuring if I was gonna upgrade to version 10.3 I might as well do a clean install. I’d spent the last couple weeks importing and re-filing archived email, re-entering a million-billion goddamned passwords and sunofabitchin’ application preferences, and trying to be a good citizen and finally get my binary detritus in some semblance of order. And now I’m gonna have to do it all the fuck over motherfucking again.

Lemme ‘splain Lucy, because I’m pissed off and I wanna bitch about it.

You’ll notice I have not provided any links to said lameass website that distributed the shitass info that broke my computer. This is because I am quite sure I am partly at fault. But let me say this: the site should be avoided. It appears solid, but as soon as minor typos cause some poor bastard to break his system (me), and the purveyor of these flawed instructions cannot figure out what went wrong, he simply removes the previously existing “these directions are supported for Mac OS X 10.2 and 10.3”, and changes them to say “these directions are supported for OS X 10.2. No other versions are supported.” Thanks a whole lot. By the way, James, the typos are still in there, the ones that started the problems. For example, you need to insert a space before the backspace in:


Yeah, that syntax error is STILL there, I just checked, even though I told you two weeks ago that that was problem number one in the whole procedure. And I notice you added an idiotic note about making sure the Developer Tools are installed, when that is so obviously not the cause of my current problems.

So, folks, when it comes to these websites offering free computer advice amidst lots of advertisements, I say to you, caveat motherfucking emptor.

Anyway, after tweaking my system to the max, I decided to check out this image library software that required a few tidbits compiled into my webserver software. After some googling I found a site that purported to offer supported directions for getting this done. I followed them. It didn’t work. I explained my plight to the webmaster, and he was stumped. Then I found errors in the syntax of said webmaster’s instructions, and reported them to him, tried to fix them, to no avail. Said webmaster went surfing. Like on water. I’m not kidding. I tried a number of other things, sent updates to said webmaster. No useful discourse resulted. It was suggested I do an “upgrade install” of 10.3, where “no user settings are lost”. Dsperate, I tried it.

Now, I have an unusable X11, and other third party applications are acting flaky, even after a reinstallation. And yes, I motherfucking reinstalled the X11 SDK after I discovered that my goddamned X11 server was busted.

Let’s face it, my system is half busted, and I’m gonna have to call a mulligan on the whole 10.3 clean install thing to get a fully usable system. I am pissed off! I thought this rant would help, but it has not. I’m going to bed. Damn. (closing lid, cursing other foul obscenities, gnashing teeth…)