Things are different now.

Used to be, new year’s eve meant settling in and preparing for the big moment, the moment when the Honeymooner’s Blow Out begins. Right after the ball drops in Times Square and a new year dawns in our slim little time zone, a marathon of good comedy commences on channel eleven. Eleven Alive. WPIX.

Tradition was, Brenda & I’d have a nice meal, have a few drinks, and wait for midnight. At that time, we’d toast the new year, sure. But then we’d settle in for a seventeen hour marathon of back-to-back episodes of The Honeymooners, The Original Thirty Nine Episodes. Oh, we’d fall asleep long before the ‘thon was over, but we’d start up the next day in earnest.

This year, things were different. This year, TiVo lives here.

After only a week of TiVo, I have the attention span of a gnat with ADD. No way was I gonna wade through all 39 episodes waiting for my fave ones, expecting to miss a couple of choice ones while I slept. No, this year, I waded through the “Now Playing” menu on our TiVo and selected my favorite ones for recording, then fell asleep.

Today, instead of sitting on the couch all day watching Honeymooners episodes ‘till 5PM, we actually cleaned the house and de-christmased the entire joint. All the while, the ‘thon was running on the main TV, and I nodded knowingly whenever a fave episode came on, knowing that I could call it up and watch it later.

This year, New Year’s Day had a new program, and it’s all because of a little box called TiVo. I don’t know if that’s cool or pathetic. I think it’s cool. Who wouldn’t want to watch Ed Norton do the Huckle Buck over and over again, until their stomachs hurt? Think about it.

I’ve already watched the great opening scene of the last episode of “The Office”’s second season like twenty times, and I look forward to many more collections of binary detritus that I intend to save until Brenda complains, until of all of you chip in and buy me a DVD recorder.

This new guest, this box named TiVo, just may stick around for a while.