A recent comment posted to my blog was so funny I had to share it with “y’all”:

Yall have to get over the BRAVES r the best team in all of baseball i hate the yankees their the 1s who go in their yapping about (man were so good we can beet them)yea right the only time thay were a real team was when the had ruth and girgh and in the late 50s and early 60s when they had mantle,maris,ford,their catcher,and martin now that was a team but now they aint got nuttin im not a die heard redsox fan but my gosh the redsoxs have a way betta team now that they have shilling,martinez,lowe,and wakefield they gonna be the 2nd best team in all of baseball right behind the braves.i mean the braves have the best defensive center fielder an the game and maybe in history and hes hit 25 or more home runs 4 the last 5 6 or 7 years.we have allways had a good team (the braves)i mean aaron could hit out of any ball park so could mathews.spahn would win over 15 games a year.SO YALL SHUTUP AND HATE THE YANKEES.and if your says he like the yankees say no its like atkin drugs

It seems there is a very angry Atlanta Braves fan somewhere in the deep south who read a little bit I wrote back in 2002. The comment here appears to have been written by an eight year-old, but then the references to Yankee legends from the 50’s and 60’s lead me to think that this is a sixty year-old man. With an eight year-old’s brain. Folks, the preceding paragraph comes to you live and direct, and unedited. Truth be told, I couldn’t make this shit up. I have read it several times, and each time I find new hysterical typos, bad grammar, incoherent structure, and good old fashioned crap. With the exception of the hillbilly directive to simply “shut up and hate”, my personal fave is the use of “their catcher” in lieu of Yogi Berra.

I wanted to tell this young/old man about this reply, but he used a fake email address. As did the guy who sent me a reply about this post a year ago, which is unprintable here. And you know it’s gotta be pretty bad if I won’t print it. Sheesh, and people say Yankee fans are annoying.