Let me tell ya a little story:

The year? 1991. The place? A sleepy bicycle shop in southern New Jersey. I was working on a bike, and grumbling to my co-worker about the fact that Bush I had just started carpet bombing Baghdad. “This is a mistake, a war for oil, this is”, I said to my friend, to which my friend replied:

“What’s wrong with us trying to help some little pussy country that just wants to be free?”

The “pussy country” in this story was Kuwait, in case you were wondering; confusion is understandable since Kuwait was not and does not want to be a free country. But somehow that was the story he was sold, and he bought it up willingly, and yellow ribbons all around.

Let me tell ya another little story:

The year? 2003. The place? An office in New York City. There I was again, this time grumbling that despite several months of killing and bombing all over Iraq, actions that I ACTUALLY SUPPORTED this time, no weapons of mass destruction had been found. To which a different friend replied:

“Well, I don’t really think that matters, now.”

Right. The whole reason we supposedly went in there was because of WMD, but at that point, the “humanitarian mission” was getting mucho press, and apparently my friend was feeling all warm and fuzzy inside because we had apparently sent a cruel torturer to a spider hole. Doesn’t matter that we flipped the bird at the UN and the world, that our elected officials lied to our faces, Iraq is free! (An explosion is heard in the distance.)

I got one more for ya:

The year? 2004. The place? A restaurant; CNBC’s newsfeed is playing on a TV mounted above the bar. My co-worker was watching the parade of hooded Hamas militants wielding AK-47s. This was the day after Ariel Sharon sent a missile into the Hamas Leader’s living room. My co-worker pointed at the TV and said “this is not a good situation”, to which I vigorously nodded in agreement. Another co-worker turned to look at the screen, which was plastered with “Hamas Leader Assasinated” titles, and said:

“what’s that parade for?”

Folks, I’m not Kasey Kasem and this is not America’s Top Forty. This is AMERICA, and the airwaves ain’t sounding so pretty right now. I guess the latest round of misinformation coming from the Bush II Administration got me thinking of these stories. It seems as though I’m asking myself on a daily basis “how can this country vote for this guy?” These stories, I think, illustrate the answer quite well. Most of America seems to choose to believe some serious distortions, or they’re just not listening at all.

My question is, when Bush says “jobs are on the rise”, what do the millions of unemployed say to that? Because Bush can lie about the prescription drug package and the acid rain bill (let’s call it what it is, yeah?) and most people won’t have easy access to the facts to refute it. But what does Joe Unemployed think when he sees Bush say “Jobs are on the rise” through that smug, idiotic and very punchable mask? I guess most people just figure what’s the point, they’re all crooks anyway, what’s the difference, why vote, why pay attention?

That’s the type of attitude someone from a pussy country would have, you ask me.