I blew the dust off my little portable radio I keep at work for ballgames. Damn power switch is getting a little flaky, but working it back and forth a few times I was eventually able to get a clear signal. I tuned in to 1190 AM, WLIB here in New York City.

Incredibly, I was seeking a talk radio show.

At noon today, Eastern Standard Time, a new kind of chatter started floating across the airwaves. Al Franken took to the air with his new liberal-minded talk radio show, The O’Franken Factor, and I was curious to give a listen. Of course I assumed it would be refreshing to have a guy on the air talking openly about the failures of the Bush administration. Certainly there is an audience out there for that. But as I know all too well, bitching about bush is entertaining—even to passionate bush-haters—for only so long. I’m interested to see how he does.

As I tuned in, Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” was playing. Perfect. I was actually getting psyched for… a radio show! Al took to the mike, and hit the ground running. Within the first 30 minutes Al had told all the jokes he’d told during his Jon Stewart Show appearance last week, but he’s been reasonably entertaining. He has a co-host from St. Paul who has real radio experience, and she’s helping out immensely. Hopefully, Al will settle in to his role and find his voice.

A couple of notes, for dear Al:

For some reason he keeps playing goddamned Grateful Dead music whenever he breaks for a commercial. He’s also planning on having Michael Moore as a guest. He should rethink both of these things. First off, the Grateful Dead suck. Second, Michael Moore sucks too. Michael Moore took advantage of 9-11 to sell his own books, just like Bush used it to go to war in Iraq. But more on that later. (At the moment Bebe Neuwirth is impersonating Anne Coulter, and Moore is on next…)

If you happen to live in an area outside of coverage for this new show with lots of promise, you can get it as a streaming feed at the Air America Radio site.