Week two of Al Franken’s new radio show brings James Fallows and Ron Suskind to the airwaves, and later this week my beloved Bush basher Molly Ivins will be a guest. I’m enjoying the show. I wish Al & Katherine all the luck in the world, and sincerely hope that their message reaches the voters of this country.

But I started wondering last week, how effective is this format? Clearly, someone needs to respond to these idiots Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, et al., but sometimes the show just feels like new spin on the old elementary school debate format:

“you suck!”

“well, you suck more!”

I’m not sure what else to do, and like I said, at least there’s finally a left-handed voice on radio responding to and disassembling the lies bounding out of the Bush administration. But I just hope that people are listening to Al and his many intelligent guests, taking in the facts and doing their own thinking on these subjects. Anger over the policies of the Bush administration is healthy, but not when it clouds judgement. Blind acceptance of these new voices on Air America Radio makes us no better than the humps who listen to that twit Sean Hannity.

An excellent example of both the ugly practice of right-wing mudslinging, as well as what happens when you blindly take sides without reading & thinking for oneself is what happenned to George Smith. George Smith, a registered Democrat, wrote a piece over a year ago, critical of Richard Clarke. This article ended up being used by the Rush/Hannity/O’Reilly Axis of Evil, as more fodder for their smear campaign of Richard Clarke. In his recent Village Voice article Mr. Smith tells the sad story. Sadder still are the letters he includes in a sidebar, actual emails he recieved in response to this article’s rebirth as right-wing smear-smut.

Let’s be careful out there, OK?