Happy Father’s Day, yeah yeah. The whole way up to my Aunt’s place, and the whole way back, the radio voices boasted of great deals and specials and gift ideas for dad. I thought to myself: just shut up already.

They say the first everything without the people you love is hard. But to hit the first Father’s Day a mere two weeks after becoming fatherless? Come on, they don’t even do that in Hollywood.

This is payback for the year I never gave him a card, present or even a phone call.

We spent the day at my Aunt’s house, surrounded by everyone else affected by recent events. Laughed a lot. Good.

I have not been writing much. Sorry. I will. Promise.

This is as good a time as any to also mention that my dad was a gifted writer, and I am in possession of his known printed writings, and Brenda & I are busily typing them up so that we can publish them at last. Dad hated the internet, but realized that web publishing would get his words to a larger audience. He agreed to let me publish his writings online just weeks before he died, and I’m holding him to that.