<p>This plane thing, this owning an airplane.  People think it&#8217;s crazy, extravagant.  Maybe.  But today was a good example of why it&#8217;s worth it.  </p>

<p>Today&#8217;s weather around here was the pilot&#8217;s trifecta.  No wind, no turbulence and decent visibility.  We had other plans today, other than flying, but in the late afternoon the weather was still stellar, and I thought I&#8217;d steal away to the airport for a little aviation crack.  And I said to Brenda &#8220;just come with me, this is the best flying weather, it&#8217;d be a shame to miss it.&#8221;</p>

<p>And she agreed.  So, we drove to the airport, untied the plane, and flew around for a while.  And that&#8217;s the point.  That&#8217;s why. </p>

<p>When you rent planes, you can&#8217;t just call up on a day like today and say &#8220;you got any planes available?&#8221;  If they don&#8217;t laugh at you outright, they might have a plane lying around&#8212;a cancellation maybe&#8212;but it&#8217;s still some rental.  You empty the Coke cans and familiarize yourself with the minor differences between this plane and the last one you flew, you hop in and fly someplace.  The whole time you worry about getting the plane back in time for the next renter, who is as happy to have a slot on such a nice day as you do.  </p>

<p>But today, we just sort-of arrived at the idea of going flying, and still did so on our own schedule.  We drove out to the airport, untied the plane, and went flying.  We flew over the place we stayed at for our four-year wedding anniversary, the weekend before my Dad underwent his final surgery.  </p>

<p>We flew over that entire weekend.  </p>

<p>We flew over the Stocton Inn, where we had an excellent anniversary dinner two months ago.  We flew past Lambertville &#38; New Hope.  We watched hot-air baloons float around.  We flew over the the vineyard we visited.  For me, seeing places I have visited on the ground from 2,500&#8217; above the ground is always entertaining, and we did all of that.</p>

<p>Flying back to <a href="http://www.airnav.com/airport/47n">47N</a>, I put my arm around Brenda.  The cabin of a Cessna 150 is a cozy arrangement, and when I put my arm around Brenda I felt like a 1950&#8217;s era kid sitting in a car with his date.   </p>

<p>But, the view out the window beat any view, at any drive-in, ever.  </p>

<p>And that&#8217;s why.  Today is why I own a plane. </p>