Emma continues to be a new cat, new in the sense that she’s not the cat we used to know. But she’s showing more of the old traits all the time. The meds are being administered, and we’ll just have to wait and see.

Today, Brenda & I got all excited about a pile of crap in her litter box. It was the first such pile we’d seen in many days, and came not a moment too soon. You see, if there was no crap by Monday, she was headed back in to see the vet. Emma’s a smart ass, in more ways than one.

It was just over a week ago that she was also due for a no-poo vet visit. I’d just dropped Brenda off at the airport and eaten my non-refundable airline ticket to visit Brenda’s mom, since Emma was acting odd. Emma was overdue for a bowel event, and the vet had instructed me to bring her in if she hadn’t gone by that morning. I told her: “Emma, I’m taking a shower now, and when I get out, if you haven’t gone to the bathroom, you’re going back to the vet.” Upon my exit from the shower, I peered into the litterbox and was greeted by a towering mass that seemed to say “happy now?” So, she knows what the hell’s going on.

Cats are smart creatures. Don’t let anyone tell ya different.

It’s almost a week now since we started the meds for her hyperthyroidism, and there’s definitely an improvement in her general mood, but she still lives in the basement most of the time. Time will tell.