On any given weekday, about 600,000 people pass through Penn Station in midtown Manhattan, on their way to and from work. Located directly above this train megalopolis sits Madison Square Garden—home arena to the Knicks & Rangers, site of countless concerts and other sporting events, and beginning tomorrow, home base for the conservative religious party and their homophobic imperialistic right-wing upper class love-in, which they call the Republican National Convention. So, one of the busiest, most congested buildings in all of New York City, terminal to one of the most inefficient mass transit systems ever, will close 90% of its entrances, and close most of its perimeter pedestrian walkways to all traffic. As an added bonus, all trains inbound for New York will be boarded and searched by bomb-sniffing dogs at the last stop in Jersey, prior to entering New York City.

Now, let’s put aside the obvious snub that all New Jersey natives must be feeling—it’s OK if the rails from New Brunswick to Newark are alight in a blaze of Al Qaeda’s finest freedom fighters “evildoings”, but we’ll be damned of those hooligans are gonna make it into “the city”—New Jerseyans are sooo used to getting the shaft from New York City. But the more important question is: who was the fuckin’ idiot who thought it would be a good idea to lock down a building that serves as a gateway for over half a million people looking to conduct business in that unfair city?

No matter; the damage is done, and all last week I watched as Penn Station and the surrounding area was transformed into a war zone. It was crowded enough before; now, there are as many police officers creeping around that place as there are commuters.

Since I have a bunch of database development work to do, work that can surely be accomplished working on my computer at home just as easily (easier in fact, because of some filesharing oddities of Filemaker Pro) as at the office, I’m working from home this coming week. I’m looking forward to it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

As for the convention, I hope it’s a flop for Dubya and Bloomie both. Did you know that New York City’s annual “tax free shopping week” coincides with the RNC? Jesus Christ, when the hell are these Republicans ever gonna pay taxes?