We celebrated Labor “Day” weekend by laboring in our downstairs half-bathroom. This project has dragged on longer than your typical government contract, but we made good progress this weekend.

The three day weekend allowed us to work in the style we are accustomed to, which means wake up late, work a little, go out to eat. Then buy stuff at the Home Improvement Bazaar, head back and work till about six, then watch a movie and drink beer. This process, by necessity, lends itself to delays and missed deadlines. But this is a half bathroom in the basement, not a jet fighter, so who cares?

At this point, the flooring is down, the wainscoting is up, the room is painted and the new light fixture is installed (and lights up without smoking or sizzling). Molding, chair rail and sink installation, and toilet tank reinstallation remain. Maybe by next weekend. Pictures to follow.