(Alternate titles: Office Sail, 2004; Emma Pics)

Today, my whole office went out on the Hudson River in my boss’ sailboat. I was assigned the role of trip photog, and was even loaned the office Canon Digital Rebel, to document the spectacle.

Of course, as soon as I arrived at the bobbing, creaking dock, my stomach began to tell me to retreat at full speed. Ignoring my senses, I boarded the vessel, but was green enough to be awarded the helm as soon as we were clear of the marina. You see, I don’t do well on the water, but when I steer, I’m generally OK.

We sailed up the Hudson River to the Intrepid, and back to the Jersey City Marina, and not once did I puke. Unfortunately, not once did I snap a photo, either. Maybe next year we’ll delegate better.

Anyway, as pennance I elected to carry the camera home with me, and when I got home Emma was quick to notice the new camera in the house and started padding about the place, looking cuter than ever. I realized that this was an opportunity to take advantage of the Rebel’s far superior abilities over my own camera. I’ve always hated the lack of fast film emulation on my camera, and as a lighting guy I really hate using the flash. The Rebel emulates up to ASA 1600 film, so I had a chance to capture Emma in the lighting I’m used to seeing her in.