They just never quit, do they? Microsoft, in their latest bid for global domination, have decided to try and speed up the upgrade process for thousands of Windows users. They will soon stop patching Internet Explorer for us Windows2000 users who are trying to lead decent lives.

I have been a vocal proponent of sticking with Windows2000, since it’s fast, stable, and after four years and about forty “critical system updates” released, the OS actually works, and works well with hardware that was (gasp!) released last year, not just last week. Licensees of Windows2000 can install the OS without checking in with Microsoft and giving them the secret handshake, a.k.a. registering. Licensees are allowed to reinstall the OS after a hardware upgrade without checking in with Redmond again, which is the way things should be.

So I guess it’s natural that Microsoft would want to hasten the upgrade process for us Win2K people.

So, even though Microsoft will continue to release operating system patches, the next salvo in the upgrade war has been fired; the web browser that comes with the operating system will now only become more insecure than it already is.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to use Firefox in lieu of IE. I’ve been doing it more and more often, and today changed it to be the default browser on my Windows machine at the office (of course, I’m writing this in the lovely Safari browser that comes with OS X). But now I have to get everyone at the office excited about the idea too.

Microsoft bites.