Interviewer: “So what type of acts do you manage?”
Agent: “Oh, uh, well I have several types… I have a bunch of look-alikes.”
Interviewer: “oh?”
Agent: “Yeah, I’ve got a Kirk—(David Brent interjects “Michael Douglas”) yeah, Michael Douglas look-alike, yeah.

Brent: “He looks like him, too.”

Agent: “Yeah, he does, he does look like him. Yeah.”
Interviewer: “And what does he do?”

Agent: “Uhhh, well- yeah, he just sort of, turns up at a party, and he’ll just wander around, lookin’ like uhm, Kir—(David Brent interjects “Michael”) Michael Douglas. Actually, I’m thinking of gettin’ a, at the moment, I’m thinkin’ of gettin’ a Katherine Zeta-Jones, ‘cause, ah, sorta a lot of people don’t realize who he is… they, they just think he is a… small bloke at the party.”

This little gem is from The Office Special, a hilarious final look at the folks from Wernham Hogg, three years after the “documentary”. I have prattled on about this program in the past, and the only reason I’m not still talking about it that it’s no longer on the air. But BBC America recently ran the ‘Special, and Brenda & I split a gut one final time watching what Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant and the gang came up with for this touching and hysterical coda.

I meant to write about this when we saw it the other week, but I didn’t. But tonite, I called it up from the TiVo and after ten minutes I was laughing so hard I just wanted to share. If you haven’t seen this show, you should. It’s absolutely hysterical. I miss those guys.